I know that when I try a new product, I get scared. 😨 I start thinking ‘will this work? Will my skin get spotty? Am I going to have a reaction?’ You just don’t know.

But when it comes to using vegan or non vegan products, you never think that there’s much difference.

It must’ve taken me years before I finally learnt how to look after my own skin and then *BAM* my face completely cleared up.

And guess what?

All I did was switch to the most natural, vegan cosmetics I could find.

No joke!

There are dermatologists out there who recommend for you to stay away from certain ingredients in any cosmetics you use.

One of the biggest ones are lanolin – a common ingredient found in products.

This is an animal product and it can clog your pores, causing acne.

The nice thing about going vegan with your beauty routines is that you’re instantly avoiding any big ‘no’ ingredients without having to read the label.

Plant based products sit a lot better on your face and your skin finds it so much easier to absorb them, so letting your skin breathe with natural cosmetics just makes sense.

But let’s get into some more benefits of going vegan with your skin care.

Vegan cosmetics are known for having fewer ingredient lists than non-vegan cosmetics and the less you put on your skin, the better condition it will be in.

The trick to anti-ageing isn’t a fancy chemical – it’s moisture and vitamins.

The two things oils, infused waters (read more on all 105 benefits of using rose water) and vegan products are perfect for, so switch over to vegan skincare and let them do all the work for you.

Many vegan brands are against animal testing 🐰

We don’t believe in cruelty towards our pets, so they won’t support cruelty behind the scenes either – and what’s better than knowing no animals are getting hurt?

Going vegan with your lifestyle means helping the planet too! 🌎

According to a 2010 report, animal farming and the processes involved are the biggest causes of climate change, so by switching to vegan skin care, you’re helping everyone.

Many animal byproducts found in cosmetics are damaging for your skin and a big one to avoid is lanolin – probably one of the most common too.

This ingredient is derived from the wool of sheep 🐑 and doesn’t have any benefits, so if you see it on a list, scrap it.

Dry skin disappears with the use of vegan skin care as the majority of products contain a lot of water 💧

Don’t forget, plant based ingredients 🌱 are easy for your skin to absorb so put those two together and you have super hydrated skin all day!

Sensitive skin benefits the most when switching to vegan cosmetics.

With so few ingredients and so many benefits from the natural ingredients, it’s difficult for your skin to ever become irritated.

To personalise your skin care, you can go ahead and add essential oils that you know you won’t react to without having to skimp on extra benefits.

Choose your favourites from all 94 essential oils.

Oily skin doesn’t miss out either because the plant derived ingredients are super hydrating for your skin and (believe it or not) that hydration gets rid of oiliness!

Your skin stops trying to make up for extra moisture and you end up with a flawless complexion.

Tons of vegan products contain high vitamin, natural ingredients which mean you’re packing in extra benefits without even trying.

Depending on what it is, they may be preventing signs of ageing, getting rid of eye bags, reducing acne scars or even making your skin glow!

Reduce the number of chemicals on your skin and keep your insides just as healthy as the outside.

You never know what new studies are being published about skin care we grew to love, but we know that the risk of natural sources being bad for us is very low – but you never can be sure with artificial. 😨

Improve the quality of your skin without animal products 🐷

Your rashes will calm down and your pores will unclog when you switch out the suffocating ingredients for ones that are beneficial.

Knowing what’s on your skin can give you peace of mind, especially without the long, complicated names I know I’ve gotten used to seeing.

With ingredients you understand, vegan products can make it a lot less scary.

They’re good quality! Yep, I said it. Just because it’s vegan, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to work as well as its non-vegan counterpart.

Honestly, with my own experience, every vegan cosmetic I’ve used has been a lot better. 😄

Allergies aren’t of a huge concern when it comes to trying a new, vegan product.

I know I get scared trying something new and worrying if I’m going to react badly. 😨

But I also know that with a vegan product it’s less likely because it’s all natural.

P.S. Always test anything on your wrist before putting it all over your face – better safe than sorry.

Our skin is way more delicate than you realise and I know I want to make sure mine’s in the best shape it can be in.

Using animal based skin care can do a lot of damage, especially in the long term as your skin becomes more dull and dry from ingredients that our body struggles to absorb.

Switching to vegan skin care at the earliest opportunity guarantees the best care (and looks!).

One of my favourite products to use on my skin is lavender water.

This helps my face look more fresh and dewy, whilst reversing any damage from skin care I used to use.

Uneven skin tone can be solved without any hassle.

A huge struggle of mine, that I know many others go through, is the discolouration on their skin.

Whether it’s around their eyes, on their jaw, cheeks, forehead, wherever – we want to even it all out for a smoother looking complexion.

With some moisture and simple vitamins 🍊, most plant based ingredients in vegan cosmetics really do help fade the issue.

Guaranteed the best complexion you can have.

There isn’t anything to dry out your skin, discolour it, cause a reaction or make it sensitive.

All vegan cosmetics do are give you the vitamins and hydration 💧 your skin needs and leaves it to work.

Then whatever you end up with, you know it will be balanced and beautiful because that’s just what they do.

With all the ingredients that cause problems being stripped out, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Vegan cosmetics also do one of the most important things: save animals lives!

That alone is a great reason to go vegan with your skincare, never mind all the added bonuses. 😍

There’s more than enough reasons to switch over to vegan cosmetics!

And it really is so much better for your skin, the planet and your health, whilst skipping any unnecessary animal cruelty.

If you want to learn more about natural cosmetics, there’s a number of different ingredients you can use to enhance your beauty routines.

If essential oils are your thing, read the benefits and uses of all 94 essential oils and how to use them.

Or maybe you’re a fan of more floral ingredients?

Here are 105+ benefits of using rose water 🌹💧 or why you should be using lavender water in your beauty routines.

And don’t forget, you can pin this article for later! 📌

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