Why you should be using vegan cosmetics

Ask yourself this:

What are you actually putting on your skin?

What is actually in those skincare bottles and what is in that super thick foundation that makes your skin look great?

A glance at the ingredients may not help you out much if you don’t understand what half the words say.

Do you see cochineal dye?

Those are crushed beetles to give a red pigment.


Crushed fish scales.


Boiled up animal fat.

Does that mascara you love sound like a good idea anymore?

You may be asking yourself:

But why not use these on your face – clearly they are safe to use otherwise they wouldn’t be in there…


Let me show you why saving our fellow friends can also help save your skin.

Improve the quality of your skin with plant based ingredients

Applying something toxic to your face sounds like a terrible idea.

So why do it?

Animal byproducts in makeup and cosmetics are more likely to irritate your skin as they have a higher likelihood of causing an allergic reaction.

Nobody wants to walk around with a rash on their face.

Using natural, plant-based ingredients can actually help soothe some skin problems, especially any sensitivity.

You need to realise that your skin is very delicate and can’t withstand certain wear and tear.

Treat it good and it will love you back.

We do these things to feel more attractive so don’t sacrifice that.

Don’t risk your skin.

Slow down the signs of ageing with 100% pure rosewater

Plant based products using real ingredients slow down the signs of ageing.

For example, coconut oil promotes collagen production which is the protein in your skin that keeps it elastic and wrinkle free.

Another great anti-ageing secret is rosewater.

The antioxidant properties of 100% pure rosewater stimulate the skin tissues to keep regenerating and look fresh.

This in turn keeps your skin looking young and glowing.

Know what ingredients are in the products you use



Vegan cosmetics usually have fewer ingredients on the label (and are easier to understand).

Walk around knowing what that actually is on your face!

You wouldn’t spend a day with some weird, gooey substance on your skin if someone told you to.

Especially if you start sweating and your pores open up.

Imagine it being absorbed by your skin.

Or even rubbed into your blemishes.

Or worse.

That clear skin you’ve worked hard for is then filled with all sorts of unknown gunk.

Sound fun?

Didn’t think so.

Now let’s say I put some flowers, grass and aloe vera gel on your face.

Not so bad now, huh?

Reduce the number of chemicals you use



Vegan products have shorter, more plant-based, natural ingredients than the common bottle filled with animal byproducts.

This means that you’re putting fewer toxins onto your skin.

The average woman puts roughly 500 different ingredients on her skin that are toxic.


You want to keep your body clean and pure (inside and out) to have the best skin possible.

I know you may love the makeup you own but is a ruined complexion really worth it?

You can find makeup and skincare just as good, if not better, than their animal counterparts.

You don’t need to compromise the end result

You don’t need to invest into tons of non-vegan cosmetics that are doing you no good.

But, after realising this, you still don’t want to give it up.


You don’t need to buy terrible makeup and skincare when there are so many quality products out there using beneficial, natural ingredients.

By using vegan cosmetics, you can achieve better results without the negative effects.