Rose Body Butter


A luxurious, creamy body butter, containing natural rose oil and goji berry extract. Soaks in like a dream and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

  • baby butt soft skin
  • leaves your skin glowing
  • smells divine
  • long lasting moisture
  • non-greasy and no residue



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Sixty Thousand Roses

Did you know, it takes over 60,000 roses to make one ounce of rose oil? That’s over 1,200,000 rose petals worth of vitamins. 🌹

Rose oil and ginseng extract is amazing at boosting your skin’s elasticity, which helps slow down signs of ageing whilst reducing the chance of developing stretch marks on your body.

Rose oil is rich in vitamins A, B3, C, D & E which covers the essential nutrients that keep your skin healthy and feeling amazing, plus more.

The one thing that makes scarring and discolouration look worse is dryness. Using our rose body butter will instantly soften your skin, making them look less apparent as well as fading them over time – thanks to the ginseng extract and olive oil.

What’s In Our Rose Body Butter?

We believe in keeping our skin healthy and that’s why we love our rose body butter so much.

It’s vegan, it’s cruelty-free and it’s enriched with skin essential vitamins and more from the rose oil, rose water, plant extracts and oils.

Here’s what’s in our body butter.

Goji Berry Extract
Rich in vitamin C, goji berry extract keeps your skin firm and elastic, so your skin can both feel and look amazing.

Rose Oil
Rose oil is rich in skin-essential vitamins A, C & E, making it an amazing ingredient for all your skincare. But, because it’s as expensive as gold, it can be a huge investment to buy a bottle alone, so using this body butter is a great way to give your skin what it needs.

Ginseng Extract
Ginseng works great at regenerating skin cells and fading scars so that your body can feel silky and soft, whilst giving it a natural glow.

Argan Oil
One of the most well-known ingredients for making your skin feel silky everytime you use it. Putting this into our body butter just made sense because who doesn’t want their skin to feel heavenly?

Want the benefits yourself? Get my rose body butter

What people think of our rose body butter...

“My favourite thing to do everyday is take a bath (probably sit in there for at least an hour), use my favourite bubble bath or bath bombs, just sit there and relax, then get out, dry off and finish off with a super creamy body butter. I’ve tried a lot of different ones (maybe a good 50+) but this one is my new favourite”
Denise G, Birmingham UK
“I’ll be honest, I hate using moisturisers on my skin. They’re always too thick and feel sticky or make my skin feel dry again within 10 minutes. But my friend let me try some of this rose body butter last week and I’ve officially converted! It’s so light on my skin and leaves no excess behind. I bought my own and it showed up today – can’t wait to start using this on the regular!”
Pamela S, Cornwall UK
“Everything you could ever want in a body butter is in this one. 1. Makes your skin feel soft and hydrated 2. Subtle scent so it doesn’t clash with your perfume 3. Easy to absorb 4. Makes your skin healthy 5. A little goes a long way What more could you want?”
Kirsty D, Manchester UK

What we get asked about our rose body butter

How much rose body butter is in each container?
Each container has 240ml of cream, which is more than enough to use after showering on your entire body, daily!

How do I use your body butter?
Use a clean knuckle to grab some of the cream and then apply it to your clean skin with clean hands. I’d recommend using this body butter after showering or bathing when your skin will absorb the product with ease.

Is it vegan?
Yep, it is! It has no animal products, by-products or anything else. 😃

Is it cruelty-free?
Yep! No animals were tested on at all 🐰

Can both men and women use rose body butter?
Why wouldn’t both men and women use this body butter?! Even though roses may be considered feminine by some, this cream makes a great addition to your post-shower routine and is recommended for everyone. 😃

How is this body butter any different from others?
This body butter doesn’t just moisturise. It’s enriched with plant extracts and oils that are going to improve the condition of your skin and it’s health. Rose oil is our main active ingredient and it’s extremely expensive to use alone, so by using a cosmetic that contains the real thing, you know that you’re getting all the benefits and vitamins your body needs in this one cream.

Give your skin the vitamins it needs for softer, more beautiful skin with our rose body butter.

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