Rose water’s 🌹💧 an all natural ingredient that has an endless list of benefits for skin, hair, body, bath and more that works great for everyone.

It’s been used for hundreds of years, even by the Romans and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Known as ‘nature’s magic potion’ for a reason and with over 105 benefits, you’re going to want this in your daily routine.

But what makes this natural cosmetic capable of so much?

It starts with the main ingredient: roses.

Roses are rich in multiple vitamins.

Every plant contains vitamins and minerals, whether it’s a vegetable, fruit or flower and roses are no exception!

That’s why they have so many benefits and have been used by people for years.

Every vitamin has a different function for your health, skin, hair and general beauty, so here are the main vitamins that rose petals have and exactly how each one can benefit you.

1. it contains vitamin A:

Vitamin A supports cell renewal and is important for your skin when you want a clearer, more even complexion.

But do you know what cell renewal means for you?

It means it also slows down ageing and keeps your skin supple!

2. vitamin B3 (niacin):

Vitamin B3 is usually ingested in your diet to promote glowing skin and calm any irritation, but why take supplements when applying rosewater to your face will give the same effects?

3. vitamin C:

Vitamin C promotes collagen production, which keeps your skin elastic, slows down ageing and helps with healing wounds.

4. vitamin D:

Vitamin D helps calcium absorption and supports general health when absorbed by the skin.

5. vitamin E:

Vitamin E is great for protecting your face from air pollution, but it can also encourage blood circulation for hair growth and general skin health.

Now you know the basics of roses, let’s get into the benefits of using rose water for skin.

(Note: Do you want to get the most out of your skin care routine? Get your natural rose water to enhance the cosmetics you already use, whilst knowing what you’re putting on your skin.)

Rose water in your skincare routine gives you the best complexion.

Don’t you just love that feeling when you have a great skin day?

Your face looks like it’s glowing, you’ve got no pimples, no random dry patches or skin so oily it looks like a slip’n’slide.

Ever since I’ve switched to using natural ingredients, that’s the scenario I have most days!

But as soon as I started spraying with rose water 🌹💧 before moisturising, that’s when the real benefits started to kick in.

There is a whole list of reasons to use ‘nature’s magic potion’ on your skin, so let me take you through them.

6. maintain your skin’s pH balance:

When your skin’s pH balance changes, eczema, dermatitis and acne become an issue and your skin ends up in a vulnerable situation where it can’t protect itself.

By keeping the pH steady, your skin will be able to maintain its health and look the best it can.

7. control excess oil production:

Those with oily skin are in for a treat!

Rose water calms down excess oil production, which means your skin is:

  • Less greasy
  • Your makeup looks better for longer
  • You feel more comfortable with your skin type.

8. reduce the redness of irritated skin:

Rose water contains vitamin B3 which calms down irritation and soothes redness.

9. clear and prevent acne breakouts

10. calm dermatitis:

If you don’t know what dermatitis is, it’s similar to eczema.

But you can also have something called ‘contact dermatitis’ which is triggered by an irritant or allergy.

Rose water can help calm the inflamed skin, soften any dryness and heal the wound – making it so much easier to handle your skin.

11. soothe eczema:

Eczema is a problem for so many people but rose water can help by softening the skin, calming down any irritation and helping the area heal.

12. unclog dirt and oil from your pores

13. moisturise your skin:

Dry skin cracks and suffers in cold months and causes your body to produce excess oil in a desperate attempt at hydrating your face, but this can contribute to acne.

By moisturising your skin and using rose water, it avoids the cracking, forming excess oil and avoids those unwanted breakouts.

14. anti-inflammatory properties:

Anti-inflammatory properties prevent inflammation, redness and irritation (everything inflamed acne tends to be).

15. anti-bacterial properties:

Anti-bacterial properties mean that rose water prevents acne and keeps your skin clear of bacteria.

16. heal acne scars

17. anti-oxidant properties:

Anti-oxidant properties prevent cell damage and keep your skin looking young.

18. strengthen skin cells:

By strengthening your skin cells you encourage your skin to stay looking young and prevent any signs of ageing.

19. regenerate skin tissue:

When you encourage your skin tissue to regenerate your complexion stays clear, because the constant turnover prevents build up.

This same turnover also helps the skin tone remain even, so you can get rid of any scars.

20. astringent properties:

Astringent properties in rose water tighten your pores and get rid of excess oil.

21. makes a great natural skin toner

22. anti-ageing properties

23. fades wrinkles and lines

24. prevents major signs of ageing

25. reduce and prevent eye puffiness

26. soften dry skin

27. suitable for all skin types:

Rose water is gentle and effective at moisturising and calming oil production.

This means it’s great for sensitive, oily, dry, combination, normal and acne-prone skin.

28. even out your skin tone

29. retain moisture with ease:

Over time as you use rose water, you’ll notice that your skin is absorbing liquids and any creams with ease.

This means your skin is starting to hold onto that moisture and stay hydrated.

30. cleanses your skin

31. encourages skin cell production

32. and doesn’t cause redness or skin damage

Want to know more on how to use rose water for your skin?

You can learn about all the benefits and uses in this skincare chapter.

But what if I told you that rose water, also, has loads of benefits for your hair?

From hair loss to frizz, there’s plenty of rose water benefits for every hair type.

If you’re like me, your hair was always something you didn’t want to deal with. 😕

Maybe it’s frizz, hair loss, a greasy scalp, dandruff, hair that just won’t grow, maybe you feel like it’s too thin or even too dry.

I hate trying to tame the puffiness on my head and, let’s be honest, what’s easier than just tying it back and forgetting about it?

Anyway, I was already using rose water 🌹💧 on my skin so it made sense to try it on my hair.

I will tell you now – This. Stuff. Works.

So how exactly can it benefit you?

Here’s every benefit and use of rose water for hair!

33. enhances the quality of your hair

34. treats mild scalp inflammation:

Massage rose water into your scalp to ease dryness and soothe the inflammation.

35. help get rid of dandruff:

Dandruff is usually caused by dry skin on the scalp and using rose water at the roots of your hair and on your head will soften the skin, avoiding dandruff.

36. makes a great natural conditioning spray

37. encourages hair growth:

Rose water encourages blood circulation in the scalp, which encourages faster and thicker hair growth.

38. adds a healthy shine

39. restore dry and frizzy hair:

Mix rose water into your shampoo and conditioner for a quick fix or make your own DIY mask:

Combine rose water with aloe vera gel and massage the mixture into your scalp for 10 minutes.

Leave it in for 30 minutes and wash it out; repeat weekly or every 2 weeks.

40. repair damaged hair:

Create an easy mixture in a spray bottle that consists of:

  • 1 cup of rose water
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 vitamin E capsules (capsule punctured and oil squeezed out)

Spray this onto washed hair and style.

41. liven up dullness:

After shampooing, spray your hair with rose water to add shine and moisture.

42. rose water helps protect your hair from sun damage:

Spray your lengths and roots with rose water to keep it healthy and repair any damage already done.

43. if your scalp itches, massage rosewater onto your scalp and leave it overnight.

Wash your hair in the morning with normal water and the itching will pass.

44. for oily scalps

Oily scalps are a common cause for dandruff and some scalp infections, but you can just massage rosewater into your scalp to balance out the oil secretion.

45. helps prevent hair loss

Rose water encourages blood circulation for stronger, healthier hair roots that helps you grow longer hair quicker.

There are so many reasons for why you should be using rose water for your hair, but there are even more ways you can add it into your routines!

Learn more about the full benefits and uses of using rose water for your hair.

But now you know another way to use rose water, did you know you can use this natural ingredient for the skin on your body too?

Take care of your body and keep your skin in the best condition possible.

There is so much hype over having flawless skin on our faces, but why have we always ignored the skin on our bodies?

The ultimate way to look young is to have a young face and a young body.

There’s no point in keeping only one area of your skin healthy and clear when the rest of you tells a different story.

Rose water in your bath is the easiest way you can look after yourself and make sure all your skin is looking perfect. 😍

Let’s learn exactly what it can do.

46. heal scars, cuts and wounds:

Rose water contains vitamin C which helps wounds heal and lightens scar tissue.

47. prevents and soothes sunburn

48. smooths out dark spots

49. smooths out stretch marks

50. flattens out wrinkles

51. stops bug bites from itching

52. improves blood circulation

So what are the benefits of adding this straight into your bath water vs spraying it straight onto your skin?

It’s easy to relax and nourish your skin at the same time by using rose water in your bath.

You could spray rose water straight onto your skin, whenever you feel the need.

But who doesn’t love relaxing and improving your health, all at the same time?

53. Soften your skin

54. Leave a subtle rose aroma on your skin after you bathe

55. Calm down sunburn by bathing in a bath with rose water added

So, you’re probably wondering – is that it?

Long story, short: Nope!

There are tons more and the list of benefits keeps going…

The benefits don’t stop there. Rose water can do even more.

One product that can do a hundred different things, is my idea of perfection!

It can’t just be me, right?

Something that works great for one thing, that works just as well for everything else in your beauty routines is a keeper.

Well, it is for me and I may have ended up a little obsessed (or maybe a lot).

Here are even more reasons to use rose water for, basically, everything! 😍

56. the aroma of rose can help calm down anxiety

57. the scent may be able to lift your mood so you can feel better after a hard day

roses around a bottle of water

58. the smell of roses can help you relax

59. rose water sprayed onto your pillow helps you sleep better 😴 and wake up feeling refreshed

60. relieve PMS symptoms with the scent

61. relieve menopausal symptoms with the scent

62. relieve menstrual cramps with the aroma of rose water

63. improve mood swings by spritzing some into the air

64. improve your circulation

65. relieve toothache:

Soak a cotton ball in rose water and apply it to the sore area.

66. use as a natural perfume:

The subtle scent lingers giving your skin and hair a natural aroma.

67. soothe your eyes by spraying rose water onto closed eyelids:

This will give instant relief to tired eyes after hours of looking at a computer.

68. instant relief for eye inflammation:

Spray rose water onto your closed eyelids to help the inflammation go down.

So we’ve gone over a whole load of benefits, but what are the specific uses?

It can be used in a variety of ways to reap the benefits.

You already know rose water benefits are endless, but the uses for this one ingredient are too!

It’s great for your skin, hair, bath, body, for the scent, improving your mood, helping you sleep but you want to know what the exact uses are.

The list below has it all, so you can pick and choose which sounds best for you!

69. as a natural skin toner

70. as a mood enhancer

71. a natural sleep remedy

72. Reduces eye puffiness:

Refrigerate a bottle of rose water and poor some of the cool liquid onto a cotton pad.

Then, hold the pad against your eyes to calm down eye puffiness.

73. Rose water is great for refreshing your skin throughout the day:

Refrigerate a bottle of rose water and spray it onto your skin and repeat this throughout the day to keep your face cool and hydrated.

74. Natural skin softener:

Pour rose water into your bath to soften your skin and leave your body glowing.

rose petals floating in a bath

75. Natural makeup remover:

Pour some rose water onto a cotton pad and use it to massage your eyes until the makeup has gone.

76. a makeup setting spray

77. a natural after shave to prevent irritation and redness

78. a post workout skin relief spray:

Calm redness and hydrate your skin after a sweaty workout, by spraying your skin with rose water.

This helps to prevent acne and to keep your skin in great condition.

79. a facial cleanser:

Spray your face with rose water after cleansing to clear out your pores and keep acne from forming.

80. a natural eye care spray

81. to help cure athlete’s foot:

Spray your feet with rose water so the anti-bacterial properties can help the infection.

Ok, ok so I’ve covered everything beauty and health related, but you may have heard of rose water as a cooking ingredient.

I come from an Asian background and this is a staple in many dishes that we cook:

Rose water is often used in home cooking, so what are the best ways to consume it?

Who knew that this amazing cosmetic can also make great tasting recipes?

You may have seen rose water be used in cakes, pastries, rice, confectionary or even for your drinks, but it sure does taste good! 😃

If you’re thinking about drinking or consuming this natural ingredient – make sure you use a food grade bottle.

These types of rose water are diluted and usually contain sugars and safe preservatives (obviously your skin doesn’t need sugar) and you’ll be sure to find something in any food store.

But if you don’t mind some DIY, then you can try out this easy recipe on how to make rose water at home.

So after you’ve found yourself some rose water, feel free to try these ideas:

82. pour a small amount into your tea ☕

83. or use in your home cooking for desserts

84. maybe even added to rice when steaming

85. try whipping rose water into your cream

86. you can always drink a cooled bottle of rose water alone – the taste is subtle anyway

Okay, so apart from the taste, there are actual benefits to drinking rose water.

How exactly can you benefit from drinking rose water?

You probably think I’m crazy at this point – first your skin, then your hair and now I’m saying you should drink it!

But hear me out, these benefits are something you’d want to hear!

87. it helps hydrate your skin from the inside out and your skin shows what’s on the inside and out

88. it can reduce the signs of ageing

89. it can alleviate your mood

90. relieve bloating

91. heal colds, flus and a sore throat

92. calm your nerves when feeling stressed

rose petal and blueberry infused water

93. relieve fluid retention

94. treat headaches

95. settle nausea

96. help with indigestion

97. support healthy digestion

98. can assist weight loss when drunk daily

Why not try making your own rose water at home to add into recipes, your meals and more?

Here’s a super easy DIY recipe!

Anyway, let’s go back over this.

Rose water is great for your skin, your hair, is great to use in your bath, is perfect for using on your body, you can drink it and now your eyes can benefit too!

When I said this natural ingredient is versatile, I really meant it.

Rose water can benefit your eyes too

Rose water 🌹💧 is great for using on your eyelids and around your eyes, especially if you spend hours on is great for using on your eyelids and around your eyes, especially if you spend hours on a computer, reading or sleeping less than you’d like.

If you’re going to use any of the tips in the list I’ve written below, make sure you don’t use rose water as an eye drop.

It isn’t sterile and can cause all sorts of problems, so stick to spraying your closed eyelids or applying a cotton pad over your closed eye and the skin around it.

clear blue healthy eyes

Anyway, here are some great uses and benefits for your eyes!

99. calm inflammation:

Settle any swelling, redness or soreness with a spray of rose water and you can even try a cooled bottle to help with cooling your eyelids.

100. stop tired looking eyes:

It happens to everyone as they try to get along in their busy lives.

You start getting stressed, you start staying up later and having to get up earlier or you just can’t seem to sleep.

The bags under your eyes are getting darker and all you want is to hide it until you find a way to get more shut eye.

By freshening up with a spray of cooled rose water on your closed eyelids, you can help your eyes look brighter and you’ll feel better for the day.

101. soothe eye bags

102. calm any redness

103. protect yourself from dust and pollutants

104. or even refresh your eyes after sitting in front of a computer screen for hours

Now you know how handy rose water can be for your eyes, there is one last benefit:

A paler complexion can be achieved naturally.

Lightening your skin doesn’t always mean wanting to be pale. You may just want to even out discolouration, lighten up a dark patch or maybe you have tan lines you want to get rid of.

But all these easy ways to lighten your skin using rose water can help with that and it only takes two ingredients…

105. Rose water can be used to naturally lighten your skin by a few shades.

It’s a common request to use rose water for skin lightening but if used wrong it could lead to a reaction (depending on what you combine it with).

a bride with pale skin

The best way is rubbing a mixture on your skin of lemon juice 🍋 and rose water 🌹💧 to achieve fair skin!

For best results, repeat this weekly for a few months until you achieve your desired look.

So how does it work?

Rose water contains vitamin C which helps with producing new skin cells and this same turnover can give you a paler complexion when mixed with an acidic fruit, such as lemon juice.

Well, that’s it!

All the benefits and uses of using rose water in your daily routines.

So let me just cover anything else you need to know and make sure you’re getting the most out of your skin care…

Which type of rose water is the best?

The best type of rose water is a pure, distilled liquid that contains no harmful chemicals.

It should contain no harmful ingredients and only benefit your skin, preferably being 100% rose water.

Most bottles are rose oil diluted or drops of rose perfume in a bottle of water – neither of these have any benefits for your skin at all!

And if you plan on consuming your rose water, use a food grade bottle from the cooking aisle in a local store to be safe.

Remember, distilled roses are so gentle, yet effective, that it makes a great cosmetic for everyone – no matter your skin type or hair condition.

(Note: Do you want to get the most out of your skin care routine? Get your natural rose water to enhance the cosmetics you already use, whilst knowing what you’re putting on your skin.)

And don’t forget, you can pin this for later. 📌

Now you know the tons of benefits when it comes to using rose water, what about when it comes to just your skin? Let’s find out in the next chapter!

Next Chapter: Rose Water And How to Use It For Your Skin

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