Skin Essential Vitamins

Give Your Skin All The Vitamins It Needs With A Few Sprays Of Our Rose Face Mist


Give your skin the vitamins it needs to stay healthy by spraying your face with our rose face mist twice a day.

  • Balances out the pH of your skin
  • Rich in vitamin A – reduces dullness, evens out fine lines, encourages new skin cells
  • Rich in vitamin C – boosts collagen, evens out sun damage & discolouration
  • Rich in vitamin E – helps protect your skin from pollution & slows signs of ageing
  • Works great for all skin types, even if you have sensitivity


Add our rose face mist and get a free travel spray bottle, so you can rehydrate your skin and give it the vitamins it needs – no matter where you are! For first time customers only.

100% Money Back Guarantee 💖
Thousands of women use our cosmetics every day and love how much healthier their skin looks and feels. But if you’re not happy for any reason, just contact us and we’ll refund your entire order.


One Thousand Rose Petals
Did you know, there are over 1000 petals worth in each 100ml of face mist? That’s over 80 roses worth of vitamins in just one bottle. 🌹

Your skin naturally has a pH of 5.5 which is slightly acidic, but the cleansers and cosmetics you use will start to unbalance that. This means that your skin will struggle to repair itself after a while so rebalance your skin’s pH using our face mist, which has the exact same pH of 5.5!

Your skin needs vitamins A, C & E to stay healthy. Vitamin A helps with producing new and healthy skin cells (which prevents dullness and evens out fine lines), vitamin C for improving your skin’s elasticity and fading discolouration & vitamin E helps protect your skin from free radicals and pollution.

Whether your skin is oily, dry, normal or combination, our rose face mist is going to help balance out your skin type whilst being gentle enough for sensitivity. Just spray your face before moisturising and let it get to work!

What’s in our Rose Face Mist?

We believe in using natural ingredients on our skin and that’s why we love our rose face mist so much.

There’s no added fragrance or colouring, it’s paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free and it’s 100% pure.

There’s not even a long list of ingredients, just 4!

And because you deserve to know what you’re putting on your skin, here’s exactly what’s in our face mist.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water 🌹💧
(Pure rose water from rosa damascena flowers)

(A natural derivative of rose oil)

(A natural derivative of rose oil)

(A paraben-free preservative that helps your rose face mist last!)

Want the benefits yourself? Get my rose face mist

What People Think Of Our Rose Face Mist...

“Using this rose face mist twice a day has made my spots go away quicker and it’s very gentle for sensitive and dry skin.”
Jenny S, Bath UK
“My sensitive skin can tolerate this well and it leaves a subtle fragrance. Would recommend this to others. Really pleased and will buy again.”
Steph H, Devon UK
“I’ve used face mists before from different brands but this is the one I always come back to. It smells great, is high quality and it really has made my skin look so much better.”
Dzhemila D, Swindon UK
“Smells amazing and my skin feels great! This has made a difference to how my skin looks and feels, and I’ll be a regular customer from now on.”
Jacqueline F, Nottingham UK
“Rose products are my favourite and this is no different. I love that it has a spray and a little really does go a long way. I’m already on my second bottle and will be getting another soon!”
Leigh M, Exeter UK

What we get asked about our rose face mist

How long will a bottle last me?
Each bottle has 100ml of our face mist, which will last you up to a month if you use a generous amount twice a day!

How do I use your face mist?
Just spray your face after cleansing and before moisturising (or using any serums or oils) when doing your skin care routine. To get the most out of your mist, use it every morning and night.

Is it vegan?
Yep, it is! It has no animal products, by-products or anything else. 🌱

Is it cruelty-free?
Yep! No animals were tested on at all 🐰

Is it alcohol-free?
We use phenoxyethanol as a preservative and this is an alcohol, but it’s in very small traces and won’t damage your skin like an alcohol heavy toner can. This is the safest alternative to using parabens, which are common to see on other face mist ingredient lists.

Is it paraben-free?
Parabens are a popular cosmetic preservative that is linked to all sorts of health risks. We avoided using them in our face mist by choosing a safer alternative.

Does this work for any skin type?
Our rose face mist works great for all skin types, thanks to how easy it can balance out any oiliness, dryness or sensitivity. 💖

Can both men and women use this face mist?
Why wouldn’t both men and women use our mist?! Even though roses may be considered feminine by some, this mist makes a great addition to your skin care and is recommended for everyone. 💪

Rich in skin-essential vitamins A, C & E, our rose face mist gives your skin exactly what it needs so it can be its healthiest.

Join the thousands of women who use our rose face mist everyday for healthier skin.