It’s hard trying to look after your skin full stop, but with combination types you end up buying different versions of everything just to keep each part of your face happy.

You can use a facial for all your dry skin but the oily parts end up feeling way too greasy.

Then you use a light moisturiser for oily skin, but your skin feels more fresh on your nose, and tight and irritated everywhere else.

You just can’t win.

Buying multiple types and smearing them over each individual part can get tedious – it’s even worse when they don’t give results. 😭

I tried switching to DIY facials to help my skin – which meant doing a lot of research to find out what works for both dryness and oiliness.

After figuring out a recipe that actually works, I managed to balance my complexion and keep it super soft all day (without getting greasy!).

So to save you the hassle, I wrote it all down for you in one easy-to-follow recipe so you can just skip ahead to the results!

P.S. make sure to check you’re not allergic by testing it on the inside of your wrist first – once you’ve got the all clear, try it out!

You can thank me later. ❤️

¼ ripe avocado
1 tbsp coconut oil
3 drops tea tree oil
3 drops almond oil
3 drops rosehip oil
How to make it:

  1. Mash the avocado until it becomes a smooth consistency.
  2. Stir in the coconut oil after letting it soften in a warm room, by a window with sunlight or by a radiator.
  3. Add the various types of essential oils and combine thoroughly.
  4. Apply this to your face in a thick layer and let your skin absorb the natural oils.
  5. To enhance the effects of this facial, steam your skin beforehand – either over a sink filled with hot water and a towel over your head so the steam can rise or using a product designed to steam your face.
  6. After 20 minutes, wash the facial off and pat your skin dry.
  7. Repeat once a week.
  8. This will work for both your dry and oily areas, so no need to concentrate this mask on certain parts of your face.

And that’s it!

Simple, really.

I like to do a double cleanse with coconut oil before using this mask and then afterwards I finish off with a spray of rose water 🌹💧 to enhance the effects of this facial and a moisturiser.

You can use any standard coconut oil that has no added ingredients and a moisturiser that has no parabens or mineral oils.

For rose water, it has to be undiluted.

It’s often sold watered down and they don’t do much for your skin, but if you use the pure kind, you’ll see a huge difference.

You can buy 100ml of undiluted rose water here.

Tell me how your skin feels after using this mask in the comments below and don’t forget you can pin this for later! 📌

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