What if there was an easy way to get rid of the acne on your face using natural ingredients?

Avocado 🥑 is known for being rich in vitamin E, K and C – all of which are known for being great at softening your skin and helping it heal, so your acne can disappear quickly.

It helps fight off bacteria that’s causing the breakouts and can help control how much oil your skin produces naturally, meaning your pores are less likely to become clogged.

Plus, it works great for balancing combination skin!

You can see why it’s so popular for skin care. 😃

Then mash it up with the anti-inflammatory properties of apricot so your acne can look better after just one use and it’ll start clearing up the more you use this face mask!

Just cleanse your skin with some coconut oil and treat yourself to this facial once a week.

Plus, your skin is going to feel a lot softer (who doesn’t want that? 😍)

If you’re worried about your skin type, then you can stop worrying because this is great for them all.

It’s all-natural so you shouldn’t have any sensitivity and oily skin can benefit from using a mask that’s this hydrating, because your skin produces more oil to make up for dryness in the tissue.

So when you start hydrating the skin on your face, your body will start producing less oil.

See what I mean? 😃

Anyway, let’s get into the actual recipe.

[cooked-recipe id=”3989″]

You can include the essential oils to help get rid of your acne quicker or adjust the ones you use for your own preference.

Frankincense and lemon are just two common ones that are popular for acne.

And because this is all-natural, you can actually leave it on for longer than half an hour and use it more often than once a week, depending on your skin’s needs.

I always recommend spraying your face with rose water 🌹💧 after because it’s a natural cosmetic known for enhancing the beauty products you already use, meaning it’ll enhance this face mask too.

Tell me if you use this mask and if it worked for you in the comments down below and don’t forget, you can pin this recipe for later! 📌

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