We all want to take good care of our skin, both for it to look it’s best and to stay looking great for as long as possible.

But is your skin really as healthy as you think it is? 😕

Here are 5 important things that your skin needs to stay healthy:

1. Vitamin A

Did you know your skin needs vitamins? But I don’t just mean eating your 🥕 vegetables. What I mean is that you need to use skin care that contains vitamin A so your skin can produce new skin cells, preventing dullness and giving you that ‘glow’.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C 🍊 reduces the appearance of age spots, fine lines and evens out your skin tone so your face looks more smooth in both colour and texture. This is great if you have any discolouration that you want to get rid of or just want to reverse signs of ageing.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps neutralise free radicals that can damage your skin cells and hydrates your face, so your skin will naturally hold more moisture for longer, keeping it looking plump and reducing dryness in both the short and long term.

4. Moisture 💧

We’ve all heard of a moisturiser but that’s not where it ends. You need to layer moisture on your skin to keep it super hydrated, even if your skin is oily! The more hydrated it is, the more balanced your skin type will be, and the younger and less dull it will look. So use a cleansing oil, spray your face with a hydrating mist and finish off with a moisturiser that works for you.

5. A balanced pH

Your skin cells can only function when they are at the correct pH and that means using a facial mist to help balance it out, especially when too many soaps make your skin far too alkaline. So use something that is a similar pH to your skin’s natural level (5.5) to balance it back out.

It may feel like more hassle than it’s worth, but taking care of your skin means it can protect you, heal itself and stay strong like it should.

To do this, you essentially need three things: moisture, vitamins and making sure your skin’s pH stays balanced.

Cleansing is to give your face a clear canvas and getting rid of any build up that isn’t good for your skin.

Exfoliating helps remove any dead cells so the healthy ones can absorb the water and nutrients better.

And moisturising 💧 packs in a ton of moisture to keep your skin supple and elastic.

But where do those vitamins come in?

Your diet is important and requires the majority of your skin’s needs, but pollution and harsh weather means we need some extra attention.

And for that, what I love to use is our Rose Face Mist. 🌹

It’s rich in vitamins A, C & E, as well as B3 and D.

It’s super hydrating for your face so you can layer moisture on your skin before using your moisturiser.

Plus, it has the same pH as your skin!

So it keeps your skin balanced and healthy, without doing much more than spraying your face.

Then you can use a few drops of rose oil 🌹 in your moisturiser, so you can keep layering those all important vitamins for the completely clear, silky skin you dream of.

But it’s known for being as expensive as gold, so you can see why a lot of people skip out on this amazing oil.

So I use cosmetics that contain real rose oil, rose water and other plant extracts 🌱 so I can feel confident with how amazing my skin feels and looks, whilst knowing I’m giving it the nutrients it needs.

Give your skin those all important vitamins it needs by using our rose cosmetics.

Join the thousands of women who use our rose cosmetics everyday for healthier skin.

Use our rose body butter daily for healthy skin that feels hydrated with a few sprays of our rose face mist 🌹 on your face, before finishing off your skin care routine with our rose eye serum for brighter, clear eyes.

Rose Eye Serum


Keep your under eyes looking smooth and bright with our vitamin infused rose eye serum. Contains natural rose oil, rose water, goji berry extract, blueberry extract and argan oil. Learn more.

Rose Body Butter


Keep your skin feeling silky soft, whilst giving it the vitamins it needs to stay healthy with our rose body butter. Contains natural rose oil, rose water, goji berry extract, ginseng extract & argan oil. Learn more.

Rose Face Mist


Balance out your skins pH, whilst nourishing it with skin-essential vitamins using our natural rose face mist. Learn more.

What People Say About Our Rose Cosmetics

I’ve been using this eye serum daily for the past week and my eyes have never looked so bright! I really struggle with dark circles, so I could never leave the house without wearing thick layers of concealer. But I went outside with a bare face this morning and I’ve never felt so confident 🙂
Jodie G, London UK
I’ve used face mists before from different brands but this is the one I always come back to. It smells great, is high quality and it really has made my skin look so much better.
Dzhemila D, Swindon UK
Everything you could ever want in a body butter is in this one. 1. Makes your skin feel soft and hydrated 2. Subtle scent so it doesn’t clash with your perfume 3. Easy to absorb 4. Makes your skin healthy 5. A little goes a long way What more could you want?
Kirsty D, Manchester UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How much face mist is in a bottle?
Each bottle has 100ml, which will last you up to a month if you use a generous amount twice a day!

How do I use your face mist?
Just spray your face after cleansing and before moisturising (or using any serums or oils) when doing your skin care routine. To get the most out of your rose face mist, use it every morning and night.

Is it vegan?
Yep, it is! It has no animal products, by-products or anything else. 😃

Is it cruelty-free?
Yep! No animals were tested on at all 🐰

Is it alcohol-free?
We use phenoxyethanol as a preservative and this is an alcohol, but it’s in very small traces and won’t damage your skin like an alcohol heavy toner can. This is the safest alternative to using parabens, which are common to see on other cosmetic ingredient lists.

Is it paraben free?
Yes! Parabens are a popular cosmetic preservative that is linked to all sorts of health risks. We avoided using them in our face mist by choosing a safer alternative.

Does this work for any skin type?
Our Rose Face Mist works great for all skin types, thanks to how easily it can balance out any oiliness, dryness or sensitivity. 😃

Keep Your Skin Healthy With The Nutrients It Needs By Using Our Rose Cosmetics.

Join the thousands of women who use our rose cosmetics everyday for healthier skin.