Did you know that your skin needs vitamins A, C & E to stay healthy?

Well, our rose cosmetics contain them all.

They’re super hydrating, they have the same pH as your skin & they contain real rose oil, rose water and other plant extracts 🌱 so you can feel confident with how amazing your skin feels and looks, whilst knowing you’re giving it the nutrients it needs.

What people are saying about us...

I’ve been using this eye serum daily for the past week and my eyes have never looked so bright! I really struggle with dark circles, so I could never leave the house without wearing thick layers of concealer. But I went outside with a bare face this morning and I’ve never felt so confident 🙂
Jodie G, London UK
Everything you could ever want in a body butter is in this one. 1. Makes your skin feel soft and hydrated 2. Subtle scent so it doesn’t clash with your perfume 3. Easy to absorb 4. Makes your skin healthy 5. A little goes a long way What more could you want?
Kirsty D, Manchester UK
I’ve used face mists before from different brands but this is the one I always come back to. It smells great, is high quality and it really has made my skin look so much better.
Dzhemila D, Swindon UK
Rose products are my favourite and this is no different. I love that it has a spray and a little really does go a long way. I’m already on my second bottle and will be getting another soon!
Leigh M, Exeter UK